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  • Saha, Kamalesh; Sengupta, Indranath (Springer, 2022-06)
    We show that the v-number of an arbitrary monomial ideal is bounded below by the v-number of its polarization and also find a criteria for the equality. By showing the additivity of associated primes of monomial ideals, ...
  • Misra, Gadadhar; Pramanick, Paramita; Sinha, Kalyan B. (Springer, 2022-06)
    For a commuting d-tuple of operators TT defined on a complex separable Hilbert space H, let [[TT∗,TT]] be the d×d block operator (([T∗j,Ti])) of the commutators [T∗j,Ti]:=T∗jTi-TiT∗j. We define the determinant of [[TT∗,TT]] ...
  • Dixit, Atul; Kesarwani, Aashita; Kumar, Rahul (Springer, 2022-06)
    An exact transformation, which we call the master identity, is obtained for the first time for the series ∑∞n=1σa(n)e-ny for a∈C and Re(y)>0. New modular-type transformations when a is a nonzero even integer are obtained ...
  • Saha, Joydip; Sengupta, Indranath (Indian Academy of Sciences, 2022-06)
    In this paper, we explicitly compute the derivation module of quotients of polynomial rings by ideals formed by the sum or by some other gluing technique. We discuss cases of monomial ideals and binomial ideals separately.
  • Berndt, Bruce C.; Dixit, Atul; Gupta, Rajat; Zaharescu, Alexandru (American Mathematical Society, 2022-06)
    We consider two sequences a(n) and b(n), 1 ? n < ?, generated by Dirichlet series of the forms satisfying a familiar functional equation involving the gamma function ?(s). A general identity is established. Appearing on ...
  • Sengupta, Indranath (Springer, 2022-06)
    This article is an expository survey on affine monomial curves, where we discuss some research problems from the perspective of computation.

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