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  • Srivastava, Tanya Kaushal; Tirabassi, Sofia (2021-09)
    In this article, we prove that a tame twisted K3 surface over an algebraically closed field of positive characteristic has only finitely many tame twisted Fourier-Mukai partners and we give a counting formula in case we ...
  • Amrutiya, Sanjay; Jaiswal, Ayush (Cornell University Library, 2022-02)
    In this article, we study the gauge theoretic aspects of real and quaternionic parabolic bundles over a real curve (X,?X), where X is a compact Riemann surface and {\sigma}X is an anti-holomorphic involution. For a fixed ...
  • Amrutiya, Sanjay; Dubey, Umesh (Cornell University Library, 2018-08)
    In this note, we give a construction of the moduli space of filtered repre- sentations of a given quiver of fixed dimension vector with the appropriate notion of stability. The construction of the moduli of filtered ...
  • Amrutiya, Sanjay (Cornell University Library, 2018-10)
    In this note, we prove that the F-fundamental group scheme is birational invariant for smooth projective varieties. We prove that the F-fundamental group scheme is naturally a quotient of the Nori fundamental group scheme. ...

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