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  • Amrutiya, Sanjay; Dubey, Umesh (World Scientific, 2015-10)
    We extend Álvarez-Cónsul and King description of moduli of sheaves over projective schemes to moduli of equivariant sheaves over projective Γ-schemes, for a finite group Γ. We introduce the notion of Kronecker–McKay modules ...
  • Amrutiya, Sanjay; Dubey, Umesh V. (Elsevier, 2020-11)
    In this paper, we give a construction of the moduli space of filtered representations of a given quiver of fixed dimension vector with the appropriate notion of stability. The construction of the moduli of filtered ...
  • Amrutiya, Sanjay (Masarykova Universita, 2020)
    In this note, we prove that theF-fundamental group schemeis a birational invariant for smooth projective varieties. We prove that theF-fundamental group scheme is naturally a quotient of the Nori fundamentalgroup scheme. ...
  • Amrutiya, Sanjay (Springer International Publishing, 2016-03)
    In this article, we prove that the Faltings theta functions on moduli of parabolic bundles over a smooth projective curve can be used to give an explicit scheme-theoretic projective embedding.
  • Amrutiya, Sanjay (SCIELO, 2018-12)
    In this article, we survey some results on geometric methods to study quiver representations, and applications of these results to sheaves, equivariant sheaves and parabolic bundles.

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