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  • Dhara, Anulekha; Luc, Dinh The; Tinh, Phan Nhat (Springer Verlag, 2012)
    To study the su ciency of an optimization problem, one either imposes some convexity assumptions or consider second order optimality conditions. In this paper we establish second order optimality conditions for nonsmooth ...
  • Dhara, Anulekha; Mehra, Aparna (Springer Link, 2013-03)
    The paper primarily is concerned with the second-order optimality conditions for minimax problems, where the constraints are described by a set inclusion and a finite number of equalities, and where all the functions ...
  • Dhara, Anulekha; Luc, Dinh The (Springer, 2014-08)
    In this paper, we consider a particular class of variational relation problem namely linear variational relation problem wherein the sets are defined by linear inequalities. The purpose is to study the existence of the ...

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