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  • Saha, Joydip; Senguptaa, Indranath; Tripathi, Gaurab (Elsevier, 2018-06)
    In this paper we compute Gröbner bases for determinantal ideals of the form , where X and Y are both matrices whose entries are indeterminates over a field K. We use the Gröbner basis structure to determine Betti numbers ...
  • Sengupta, Indranath; Roy, Achintya Kumar; Tripathi, Gaurab (Taylor & Francis, 2017-02)
    Let m = (m0, m1, m2, n) be an almost arithmetic sequence, i.e., a sequence of positive integers with gcd(m0, m1, m2, n) = 1, such that m0 < m1 < m2 form an arithmetic progression, n is arbitrary and they minimally generate ...
  • Saha, Joydip; Sengupta, Indranath; Tripathi, Gaurab (Springer, 2019-06)
    In this paper, we study primality and primary decomposition of certain ideals which are generated by homogeneous degree 2 polynomials and occur naturally from determinantal conditions. Normality is derived from these results.
  • Saha, Joydip; Sengupta, Indranath; Tripathi, Gaurab (Hikari, 2017-11)
    In this paper we propose a model for computing a minimal free resolution for ideals of the form I1(XnYn), where Xn is an n n skew-symmetric matrix with indeterminate entries xij and Yn is a generic column matrix with ...
  • Saha, Joydip; Sengupta, Indranath; Tripathi, Gaurab (Indian Academy of Science, 2018-12)

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