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  • Mishra, Akash; Chakraborty, Sumanta; Ghosh, Avirup; Sarkar, Sudipta (Springer, 2018-09)
    Physical process version of the first law of black hole mechanics relates the change in entropy of a perturbed Killing horizon, between two asymptotic cross sections, to the matter flow into the horizon. Here, we study the ...
  • Mishra, Akash K.; Chakraborty, Sumanta (American Physical Society, 2020-03)
    The deterministic nature of general relativity is ensured by the strong cosmic censorship conjecture, which asserts that spacetime cannot be extended beyond the Cauchy horizon with the square integrable connection. Although ...
  • Mishra, Akash K.; Chakraborty, Sumanta; Sarkar, Sudipta (APS, 2019-05)
    We have derived the differential equation governing the evolution of the photon sphere for dynamical black hole spacetimes with or without spherical symmetry. Numerical solution of the same depicting evolution of the photon ...

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