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  • Kaur, Navpreet; Baliyan, Kiran S.; Chandra, Sunil; Sameer; Ganesh, Shashikiran (The Korean Space Science Society, 2016)
    Active galactic nuclei (AGN) are too compact to be resolved by any existing optical telescope facility, making it difficult to understand their structure and the emission processes responsible for their huge energy output. ...
  • Kaur, Navpreet; Chandra, Sunil; Baliyan, Kiran S.; Sameer; Ganesh, Shashikiran (American Astronomical Society, 2017-09)
    We present the results from a multiwavelength study of the flaring activity in the high-energy peaked BL Lac object 1ES 1959+650 during 2015 January–2016 June. The source underwent two major outbursts, during 2015 March ...

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