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  • Dey, Ujjal Kumar; Mohanty, Subhendra; Tomar, Gaurav (Elsevier, 2016-05)
    We explain the 750 GeV750 GeV diphoton resonance in the context of the dark left-right symmetric model. A global symmetry in this model, stabilizes the dark matter and ensures that the scalar couples dominantly to gluons ...
  • Mishra, Sasmita; Yajnik, Urjit A.; Sarkar, Anjishnu (American Physical Society, 2009-03)
    Left-right symmetry including supersymmetry presents an important class of gauge models which may possess natural solutions to many issues of phenomenology. Cosmology of such models indicates a phase transition accompanied ...
  • Deppisch, Frank F.; Hati, Chandan; Patra, Sudhanwa; Pritimita, Prativa; Sarkar, Utpal (Elsevier, 2016-06)
    The recent diphoton excess signal at an invariant mass of 750 GeV can be interpreted in the framework of left-right symmetric models with additional scalar singlets and vector-like fermions. We propose a minimal scenario ...

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