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  • Apurv Chaitanya, N.; Aadhi, A.; Jabir, M. V.; Samanta, Goutam Kumar (OSA Publishing, 2015-06)
    We report on frequency-doubling characteristics of high-power, ultrafast optical vortex beams in a nonlinear medium. Based on single-pass second-harmonic generation (SHG) of optical vortices in 1.2 mm long bismuth triborate ...
  • Lal, Nijil; Banerji, Anindya; Biswas, Ayan; Anwar, Ali; Singh, R. P. (Taylor & Francis, 2019-12)
    We study the correlation properties of single photons carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM) in a Hanbury Brown and Twiss (HBT) type experiment. We have characterized single photon sources obtained by pumping a nonlinear ...
  • Salla, Gangi Reddy; Perumangatt, Chithrabhanu; Prabhakar, Shashi; Anwar, Ali; Singh, Ravindra P. (AIP Scitation, 2015-07)
    We generate optical vortices and scatter them through a rough surface. However, the scattered light passing through a lens shows the same vorticity when probed at the Fourier plane. The vorticity is measured using a ...

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