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  • Atkinson, Oliver; Bhardwaj, Akanksha; Englert, Christoph; Konar, Partha; Ngairangbam, Vishal S.; Spannowsky, Michael (Cornell University Library, 2022-04)
    Anomaly detection through employing machine learning techniques has emerged as a novel powerful tool in the search for new physics beyond the Standard Model. Historically similar to the development of jet observables, ...
  • Bhardwaj, Akanksha; Konar, Partha; Mandal, Tanumoy; Sadhukhan, Soumya (Cornell University Library, 2019-05)
    We explore the challenging but phenomenologically interesting hierarchical mass spectrum of Inert Doublet Model where relatively light dark matter along with much heavier scalar states can fully satisfy the constraints on ...

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