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  • Chauhan, Bhavesh; Kindra, Bharti (Cornell University Library, 2017-09)
    LHCb has recently reported more than 2? deviation from the Standard Model prediction in the observable RJ/?. We study this anomaly in the framework of a vector leptoquark along with other lepton flavor universality violating ...
  • Chauhan, Bhavesh; Kindra, Bharti; Narang, Ashish (Cornell University Library, 2017-06)
  • Chauhan, Bhavesh; Mohanty, Subhendra (Cornell University Library, 2018-12)
    The ANITA experiment has seen anomalous Earth emergent showers of EeV energies which cannot be explained with Standard Model interactions. On the other hand, collider tests of lepton flavor universality have shown significant ...
  • Chauhan, Bhavesh; Mohanty, Subhendra (Cornell University Library, 2018-08)
    MiniBooNe collaboration has recently reported evidence for a light sterile neutrino with large mixing angles thus corroborating the measurement by LSND twenty years ago. Such a state would be directly in conflict with ...
  • Chauhan, Bhavesh (Cornell University Library, 2017-11)
    In this paper, we present a model for sub-MeV dark matter with strong self interactions which can solve some of the small scale crisis of the ?CDM. The dark matter is a Majorana fermion with only off-diagonal interactions ...

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