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  • Sengupta, Anand (IOP Publishing, 2013-11)
    We report on an all-sky search for periodic gravitational waves in the frequency range 50−1000Hz with the first derivative of frequency in the range −8.9×10−10 Hz/s to zero in two years of data collected during LIGO's fifth ...
  • Garattini, Remo; Majumder, Barun (arXiv, Cornell University Library, 2013-05)
    In this work, we explore the possibility that quantum fluctuations induce an electric or magnetic charge or both, in the context of Gravity's Rainbow. A semi-classical approach is adopted, where the graviton one-loop ...
  • Bhatt, Jitesh R.; Pandey, Arun Kumar (Cornell University Library, 2015-07)
    We reexamine generation of the primordial magnetic fields, at temperature T>80TeV, by applying a consistent kinetic theory framework which is suitably modified to take the quantum anomaly into account. The modified kinetic ...

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