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  • Tripathi, Richa; Mukhopadhyay, Dyutiman; Singh, Chakresh Kumar; Miyapuram, Krishna Prasad; Jolad, Shivakumar (Cornell University Library, 2018-09)
    In Indian history of arts, Rasas are the aesthetics associated with any auditory, visual, literary or musical piece of art that evokes highly orchestrated emotional states. In this work, we study the functional response ...
  • Singh, Chakresh Kumar; Filho, Demival Vasques; Jolad, Shivakumar; O�Neale, Dion R. J. (Cornell University Library, 2019-08)
    Studies of bibliographic data suggest a strong correlation between the growth of citation networks and their corresponding co-authorship networks. We explore the interdependence between evolving citation and co-authorship ...
  • Singh, Chakresh Kumar; Vishwakarma, Ravi; Jolad, Shivakumar (Cornell University Library, 2018-10)
    In this work, we have studied the collaboration and citation network between Indian Institutes from publications in American Physical Society(APS) journals between 1970-2013. We investigate the role of geographic proximity ...
  • Singh, Chakresh Kumar; Jolad, Shivakumar (Cornell University Library, 2018-01)
    We trace the evolution of Indian physics community from 1919 to 2013 by analysing the coauthorship network constructed from papers published by authors in India in American Physical Society journals. We make inferences on ...

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