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  • Mehta, Mona G. (Taylore & Francis Online, 2016-02)
    This article explores the nexus between the middle class and neoliberal politics in the remaking of Ahmedabad as a ‘Megacity’. The middle class is deeply invested in the discursive and material processes of producing ...
  • Banerjee, Dyotana; Mehta, Mona G. (Taylor & francis, 2017-05)
    The city has been eulogized as a liberating space of anonymity where identities of caste and creed dissolve before the might of economic capital. This paper examines how the role of caste is both masked and intensified in ...
  • Thomas, Pooja Susan (Balvant Parekh Centre for General Semantics and Other Human Sciences, Baroda, 2015)

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