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  • Choksi, Nishaant (Cambridge University Press, 2019-11)
    Present in many of the world's languages, expressives (also called ideophones or mimetics) are commonly discussed as iconic �depictions� of speaker's sensual experiences. Yet anthropologists and linguists working with these ...
  • Choksi, Nishaant (Pragjyotish Centre for Cultural Research(PCCR), 2021-10)
    In the twentieth century, forest and hill-dwelling communities throughout South and Southeast Asia have been involved in the creation of unique orthographic scripts to represent their languages. While many outsiders have ...
  • Choksi, Nishaant (Wiley, 2021-12)
    This article draws on Judith T. Irvine's over two decades of work on ideologies of honorification to investigate and analyze the historical transformation of the use of the dual pronominal form in Santali, an Austro-Asiatic ...

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