Development of a unique full-scale real-fire facade testing facility at IIT Gandhinagar

Show simple item record Srivastava, Gaurav Ghoroi, Chinmay Gandhi, Pravinray D. Jagdish, V. Karthikeyan, G. Chakravarthy, Aravind Nakrani, Dharmit 2018-12-01T05:10:35Z 2018-12-01T05:10:35Z 2018-11
dc.identifier.citation Srivastava, Gaurav; Ghoroi, Chinmay; Gandhi, Pravinray; Jagdish, V.; Karthikeyan, G.; Chakravarthy, Aravind and Nakrani, Dharmit, "Development of a unique full-scale real-fire facade testing facility at IIT Gandhinagar", Current Science, vol. 115, no. 9, pp. 1782-1787, Nov. 2018. en_US
dc.identifier.issn 0011-3891
dc.description.abstract We study cooperative phenomena in the fluctuation-induced forces between a surface and a system of neutral two-level quantum emitters prepared in a coherent collective state, showing that the total Casimir-Polder force on the emitters can be modified via their mutual correlations. Particularly, we find that a one-dimensional chain of emitters prepared in a super- or subradiant state experiences an enhanced or suppressed collective vacuum-induced force, respectively. The collective nature of dispersion forces can be understood as resulting from the interference between the different processes contributing to the surface-modified resonant dipole-dipole interaction. Such cooperative fluctuation forces depend singularly on the surface response at the resonance frequency of the emitters, thus being easily maneuverable. Our results demonstrate the potential of collective phenomena as a new tool to selectively tailor vacuum forces.
dc.description.statementofresponsibility by Gaurav Srivastava, Chinmay Ghoroi, Pravinray Gandhi, V. Jagdish, G. Karthikeyan, Aravind Chakravarthy and Dharmit Nakrani
dc.format.extent vol. 115, no. 9, pp.1782-1787
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Indian Academy of Sciences en_US
dc.subject Façade testing facility en_US
dc.subject green building regulations en_US
dc.subject leap frog effect en_US
dc.subject real-fire behaviour en_US
dc.title Development of a unique full-scale real-fire facade testing facility at IIT Gandhinagar en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dc.relation.journal Current Science

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