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  • Roy, Achintya Kumar; Sengupta, Indranath; Tripathi, Gaurab (Cornell University Library, 2015-03)
    Let $\mm=(m_0,m_1,m_2,n)$ be an almost arithmetic sequence, i.e., a sequence of positive integers with gcd(m0,m1,m2,n)=1, such that m0<m1<m2 form an arithmetic progression, n is arbitrary and they minimally generate the ...
  • Espig, Mike; Naraparaju, Kishore Kumar; Schneider, Jan (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, 2012)
    This paper deals with the approximation of d-dimensional tensors, as discrete representations of arbitrary functions f(x1; : : : ; xd) on [0;1]d, in the so-called Tensor Chain format. The main goal of this paper is to ...
  • Kour, Surjeet; Vishakha (Cornell University Library, 2015-05)
    Let G=H×A be a finite group, where H is a purely non-abelian subgroup of G and A is a non-trivial abelian factor of G. Then, for n≥2, we show that there exists an isomorphism ϕ:Autγn(G)Z(G)(G)→Autγn(H)Z(H)(H) such that ...
  • Dwivedi, Gaurav (Cornell University Library, 2015-03)
    In this article we prove the nonlinear analogue of Picone's identity for p−biharmonic operator. As an application of our result we show that the Morse index of the zero solution to a p−biharmonic boundary value problem is ...
  • Dixit, Atul; Berndt, Bruce C.; Kim, Sun; Zaharescu, Alexandru (Cornell University Library, 2017-01)

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