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  • Chakraborty, Rik; Maiti, Arnab; Sharma, Nikita; Dey, Krishna Kanti (Academic Press, 2021-09)
    The field of active matter is a nascent area of research in soft condensed matter physics, which is drawing on the expertise of researchers from diverse disciplines. Small scale active particles-both inorganic and ...
  • Ojha, Narendra; Soni, Meghna; Kumar, Manish; Girach, Imran; Sharma, Som Kumar; Gunthe, Sachin S. (Springer Nature, 2022-05)
    The occurrences of pollution episodes have brought out the strong linkages of pollution with health subsequently catalysing numerous regulations worldwide. Pollution episodes have been driven by a variety of mechanisms ...
  • Sarkar, Sudipta (Springer International Publishing, 2017-02)
    Gravity being the manifestation of the curvature of spacetime can create regions which are inaccessible to a class of observers. An example of such a region is the event horizon of black objects which acts as a one way ...
  • Ojha, Narendra; Girach, Imran; Soni, Meghna; Singh, Narendra (Elsevier, 2022)
    Reactive trace gases (O3, CO, NOx, SO2, VOCs) play vital roles in air pollution and climate change. In this chapter, the distributions of trace gases and governing processes over the South Asian region are discussed. Primary ...
  • Banerjee, Rupak; Kowarik, Stefan; Schreiber, Frank (World Scientific, 2021-04)

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